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E-commerce Maintenance Service (micro)

E-commerce Maintenance Service (micro)

Excluding Sales Tax

Keep Your E-commerce Engine Running Smoothly - Essential Maintenance Package

Your online store is thriving, but maintaining peak performance takes constant care. Let's keep your e-commerce engine purring!

This essential maintenance package ensures your online store continues to function flawlessly and attract customers:

  • Content Refresh: Update content across up to 8 pages to keep your product descriptions, brand story, and policies fresh and informative. Maintain a professional and engaging experience for your customers.
  • SEO Optimization Boost: Receive a comprehensive SEO update to ensure your online store maintains high visibility in search engine results. Stay ahead of the curve and attract organic traffic from potential customers searching for your products.
  • Product Management Support (Up to 50 Products & 10 Categories): Our team will provide ongoing support for managing your product portfolio, ensuring up to 50 products across up to 10 categories remain well-organized and easy for customers to browse.
  • Peace of Mind: Focus on running your business with confidence. This package ensures your online store continues to function smoothly, addressing any minor technical issues that may arise.

Don't let technical hurdles slow down your e-commerce success. This essential maintenance package allows you to focus on growing your business while we keep your online store running at peak performance.

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